Advisor FAQs

Who is considered an advisor?

Any teacher, advisor, or other school personnel who is overseeing a student participating in this competition is considered an advisor. This activity can be part of a class or on an individual basis.

How are advisors informed about competition activities?

Advisors create an account to access the Advisor Dashboard. The Advisor Dashboard includes links for Students, Projects, Resources & Best Practices, and My Account. These links give the Advisor information about which students have created an entry and where they are at in the process. Under the Students and Projects tabs, Advisors are able to view their student’s specific entries and marketing designs. Communication from competition organizers will be via the email address used to create your account.

How can I set up an Advisor account?

Create an advisor login (email and password) by choosing Advisor Login on top of the BIG Idea Competition home page. From there, choose your school from the drop down list. (If your school is not listed, contact to request that it be added.) Once your account is created, your name and school will be listed and available for students to select when completing their entries. Advisors will not be able to change school affiliation once a student has chosen them as an advisor. Once advisors log in to the site, they will have access to the Advisor Dashboard.

Are students required to have an advisor?

Students are not required to have an advisor. When students create their login, they should choose Independent Study for the Advisor field.

Is there a copy of the full entry application available for viewing?

Yes! There is a word document of the BIG Idea student entry form that can be used for preparation. We do require the content to be uploaded to the student’s online entry form in order to submit their idea. You can download the document here.