Judging for the BIG Idea Competition

The judging takes place during the first two weeks of November each year and can be done completely online. In most cases, the judging should take no more than 2 hours time and does not have to be done all at once. Once a judging account has been created, judges are assigned entries to score  through the judging website. The judges are provided with a scoresheet to complete online with each entry. See the scoresheet below. To be a judged, just email your interest to kelly@growsd.org and you will be sent an invitation link to create your judging account!

Judge Login- https://judging.bigideasd.com/

Judging the Submitted Idea

During the judging period, judges will use the login above to access their Judging Dashboard to score each entry and provide constructive comments. There is a maximum of 500 points that will be awarded in the first round.

Every BIG Idea submission will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Concept Overview (50 points)
  • Product or Service (100 points)
  • Market Opportunity (100 points)
  • Competition (100 points)
  • Management and Operation (75 points)
  • Creativity and Innovation (25 points)
  • Quality of Written Communication (50 points)

Each entry is rated by 3 different judges and those scores will be averaged to determine the final Round 1 score.

The eight top scoring ideas will be finalists who advance to the final competition. Those entries that score within 10 % of the finalists’ scores will be designated as Honorable Mention.

Round 1 Scoresheet (PDF)