Creating an Account

  • Advisors must create their advisor account prior to having students create their accounts.
    • To create account, advisors must login (email and password) by choosing Advisor Login on the BIG Idea home page (upper right).
    • The advisor will be prompted to choose (or add if necessary) their school and contact information. At this point, both the school and the advisor will be listed and available for students to select when completing their entries.
    • Be sure your school contact information is accurate because advisors will not be able to change school affiliation once a student has chosen them as an advisor.
    • Once advisors log in to the site, they will have access to the Advisor Dashboard.


  • NOTE: Students are not required to have an advisor.  Those students should choose Independent Study for the Advisor field.
  • NOTE: As advisors, you are our main point of contact when we send out information. Please keep watching for updates and more information from us.


We are happy to hear from you – please contact us with questions.

Advisor Login-

Tips and Reminders for Advisors (PDF)

To find out more about who is considered an advisor, please visit the Advisors FAQs.

Competition Timeline

LAUNCH DATE: September 1, 2023
FINAL EVENT & AWARDS: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 in Aberdeen, SD on the campus of Northern State University.