Tiny BIG Idea Competition 2022

The Tiny BIG Idea Competition is a mini version of the actual BIG Idea Competition offered to FFA students.  The deadline is May 4th. To enter, follow the link below to submit your business idea in a few sentences.

Tiny BIG Idea Competition

The winner will be chosen based on market opportunity, viability of the business and ability to capture the readers’ attention. At stake is a BIG Idea prize package including a $50 gift card and BIG Idea swag! In the weeks following the convention,  the winner will be notified via email and also announced on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BIGIdeaSD) and BIG Idea website. Finalist entries from past BIG Idea Competitions will not be considered. Entries will be accepted until May 2nd.

Want to take your Tiny BIG Idea to the next level?  Enter the BIG Idea Competition this fall!


What is the BIG Idea Competition?

To promote entrepreneurship, spur creative thinking, and encourage students to start a business.

  • A business idea competition for high school students
  • A 1,075-word description of a business idea
  • An optional Marketing Design competition which includes an ad for their idea
  • An opportunity to learn about business concepts and entrepreneurship
  • A chance to win a share of nearly $35,000 in cash and scholarships

Consider entrepreneurship as an option for your future. Find the confidence to create your own opportunities close to home and connect with mentors and resources to help you. Homegrown businesses are key to the success of our rural communities.


When is the BIG Idea Competition?

Competition Timeline

LAUNCH DATE: September 1, 2022



FINAL COMPETITION & AWARDS: Wednesday, December 7, 2022