What are the specific requirements for the ad?

Advertisements are intended to attract people’s attention, engage them about your brand and product, and then invite them to do something. An ad must have a call to action, whether it be visit a store, call, email, or check out a website. Your marketing design piece should include the following items.

  1. Headline – A headline is typically what grabs attention. It speaks to your target audience and engages them with your message and picture. Never use your logo or business name as the main headline.
  2. Picture – The headline should relate in some way to a dominant picture, graphic, or illustration. This too will help attract attention to your ad. Your headline and picture should work together to capture attention.
  3. Subheadline – A subheadline adds a little more information to better connect with your target audience.
  4. Text – You should have a bit of text or bullet points that outline the unique selling point of your product. After your picture and headline has drawn a reader in, the text will help make the sale to those very interested, but don’t write too much. Keep it simple and short.
  5. Slogan – A slogan is nice to help differentiate your product from others.
  6. Logo – Your logo/company name should be used like a “sign off”, usually at the bottom of ads, but it can go other places. They are usually used in conjunction with a slogan, again to help define your unique product. Think simple, thing legible printing, and think of appropriate colors. Never use your logo as a headline, you will lose points for this.
  7. Contact Information – If a potential customer can’t contact you, you will miss out on sales. Include a phone number, a website, an email address, or a physical address. Make it easy for someone to reach you.
  8. Call to Action – Tell the viewer to do something after you have them interested in your product/service. They can call, stop into the store, make an appointment, or visit a website.
  9. Be Creative – Keep things simple, but experiment with different layout options, multiple photos, graphics, and text.
  10. Be Clear – Make sure people fully understand your product or service. Your ad should not leave any questions as to what you are selling and who may want it.

Sample ads showing these required elements can be found in the Marketing Design Guidelines document.