Competition Rules

We’ve put some guidelines together in a couple handy little PDFs for you to download, print and keep for reference. Just make sure your dog doesn’t eat it.

The rules document also includes a sample entry and marketing design. Visit our FAQ’s page for general information.

Download the competition rules and checklist:

Judging Criteria

These are the scoring sheets that will be used by the BIG Idea judges. Round 1 includes the scoring of the written applications submitted via the website. These scores will determine the top 8 finalists. Round 2 is the scoring for the oral presentation given by the finalists. The winning entry is determined by combining the scores from Round 1 and Round 2. The Marketing Design competition scoring is used to rank all entrants who chose to participate in this phase of the competition. The scoring criteria is used to determine the winner of the Marketing Design portion of the BIG Idea Competition.